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So what is REFLUX?
The meaning of reflux in medical terms means "a backward flow". Babies have a little door to the stomach which can be quite soft at birth and gradually strengthens over the first year of life.
When this door relaxes or opens a little you get a backward flow of the stomach contents up to and past the oesophagus into the mouth. Sometimes you may notice your baby blowing bubbles from the mouth when laid flat after a feed or they might just scream lots after a feeding especially if they are put to bed in a horizontal position as the acid can cause a burning sensation and is painful.
 They can spill a little or they spill a lot. Often if there is a bit of wind behind the milk then they can even projectile it over you or the floor!

These products will
  • Help reduce spilling
  • Help reduce wind 
  • Calm your baby
  • Support baby to be more comfortable and more settled
The products will help ease and encourage  your baby to expel wind, either through burping or farting! Less wind can stop the spilling. I find for the first 24-48hrs use the full recommended dose then after that use as needed. Babies are often more settled during the morning and get worse as they day goes on so please ensure you take the time to wind your baby in the mornings even if your baby doesn't appear to have wind. All those little bubbles turn into one big bubble by the end of the day and lots of screaming as your baby can be full of uncomfortable wind but is also hungry wanting to cluster feed. These products are safe for newborns and older babies and even children. 

  • Calms your baby
  • Helps to expel wind through burping or farting
  • Hopefully less screaming and unsettled times from trapped wind and spilling.
  • Feeds and Sleeps better as is more comfortable with less wind and less spilling.
Spill Drops
NZ $35.00
incl GST
Provides support for stomach function and assists in increasing tolerance to foods.
NZ $35.00
incl GST
Provides support for healthy function of your baby's digestive system.
Calendula Baby Oil - Fragrance Free, 200ml
NZ $22.00
incl GST
Calendula Baby Oil - Fragrance Free, 200ml