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When a babies pass a bowel movement they can go red in the face, push and strain this doesn't mean they are constipated. 
Babies normally will pass bowel movements daily or the breastfed baby will pass several bowel movements daily.

Constipation is rare in breastfed babies. It is normal for breastfed babies over 4 weeks of age not to pass a bowel movement every day. Some babies go only once every 7–10 days.
The Formula fed baby will pass a soft stool daily or every second day.

If the bowel movements are soft your child is not constipated.

Occasionally babies can have difficulty passing bowel movements due to many reasons. Formula fed babies are more prone to constipation compared to Breastfed babies. When a baby starts to eat solids sometimes there digestive system struggles and they end up with constipation. 

"Exclusively breastfed babies do not need additional water – breastmilk is 88% water and supplies all the fluids that your baby needs. Exclusively breastfed babies do not require additional water even when it is very hot outside, as long as baby is allowed to nurse as needed. Even in extremely hot, dry weather your baby can get all the liquids needed via breastmilk. A number of research studies investigating the need for water in exclusively breastfed babies were done in various locations (both humid and dry) at temperatures ranging from 22-41°C (71.6-105.8°F) and 9-96% relative humidity [see references below]; these studies concluded that exclusive breastfeeding provides all the fluids needed.
Formula fed babies also do not routinely need extra water. Some sources do suggest offering water to a formula fed baby when it is very hot outside (though baby may prefer to get extra water from more frequent feeding), or when baby is sick with a fever (consult baby’s doctor for guidelines)." Source -

"The most common cause of constipation is not enough fluid. Ask your Plunket nurse, other well child health provider or doctor about constipation in babies less than 3 months old. 
Formula fed babies always check you are making it correctly. It is important to put the water in before the powder and not to add extra scoops of powder or add extra water.
Here are some suggestions that may help for constipated babies over 3 months of age. 
  • Offer your baby up to 50 ml cool, boiled water twice a day as well as their usual feeds.
  • Offer your baby 5 ml pure apple or orange juice in 50 ml of cool, boiled water once or twice a day (as well as their normal feeds) until the motions are soft.
  • For a baby over 8 months old, kiwifruit can also be helpful for constipation.
    " Source - Plunket Website

Give older children plenty of water to drink, fresh fruit and vegetables and whole-grain foods eg brown whole-grain bread.

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