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Natural ideas, options and diet recommendations

Many natural practitioners talk about the role of overactive oil glands on the baby scalp which may be related to the Mothers hormones still being in the baby's circulation.

Cradle cap can also be seen in the area just above the eyebrows.
It is not dangerous to the baby unless it becomes inflamed and infected. It will often cause more concern to the Parents.
Natural practitioners also look at the baby's immune system and any fungal conditions as it may be related to skin yeasts.

Holistic Approach

Many of these remedies have not been tested for there effectiveness in a formal trial but have been passed down through Mother networks and word of mouth for many years and have been shown to do no harm and often to work.

Rub a cold pressed oil like light olive oil from the kitchen cupboard into the scalp and leave on your baby's head to soften the cradle cap. Sometimes the oil needs to be left on for 12 hours or overnight. When the cradle cap  is soft you can use a soft brush to help lift it off.
Do not use your finger nails to pick of the cradle cap as this can sometimes cause an infection.

Baking Soda
A very old remedy is to make a paste with about 1 - 2 teaspoons full of baking soda then add a little water. Apply this paste after you have massaged your baby's scalp with oil. Use the baking soda as a gentle hair wash by massaging into the scalp and rinse off with warm water. This will help to stop cradle cap reoccurring. You will need to apply the baking soda paste every 1-2 weeks as a preventive.

Water and Hair washing
Some Parents use shampoo, while others do not. If you are going to use shampoo it is best to use something mild and the more natural the better.
Do not use any adult anti dandruff shampoos as these are not suitable for babies.
If you are concerned, then a visit to the Doctors will be a good place to start so you can get a definite diagnosis and then see a Naturopath if you want a more natural solution.

Breastfeeding Diet
In Ayurveda medicine it would be suggested that the Breastfeeding Mother does not eat avocados or bananas as this is thought to make cradle cap worse.

If the baby is formula feeding sometimes diary products can make cradle cap worse. Some Doctors and Naturopaths are now suggesting to alternate a cows milk formula for 1 month and then a goats milk formula for 1 month to help over ride any sensitivities.
Contact a Naturopath to discuss this.

Herbal Teas
Some Mothers over the years believe in the use of Chamomile tea as a head rinse, it apparently works well as a regular way to prevent and treat cradle cap.