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What is Reflux?

The meaning of reflux in medical terms means "a backward flow". Babies have a little door to the stomach which can be quite soft at birth and gradually strengthens over the first year of life.
When this door relaxes or opens a little you get a backward flow of the stomach contents up to and past the oesophagus into the mouth.

A great book, which I read a few years ago is called 'Sick,Tired and Grumpy' by Dr Rodney Ford. Many children with food allergy/intolerance can be described as “Sick, tired and grumpy”. I think about babies who turned out to be gluten intolerant who were often windy and reflux as babies and told they would just grow out of it but they didn't - babies can turn into toddlers and then children with reflux. 

In babies' reflux 'is a word used to describe the backward flow of generally milk from the stomach. But the problem is also acid and mucous from the stomach which can make the baby vomit lots or spill a little of the stomach contents. Sometimes you may notice your baby blowing bubbles from the mouth when laid flat after a feed or they might just scream lots after a feeding especially if they are put to bed in a horizontal position as the acid can cause a burning sensation and is painful.

Remember most babies spill a little, which is normal and can cause no issues for babies or parents. The reflux I am focusing on is a medical term for babies that are truly struggling, screaming, not gaining weight which is very distressing for parents or they are power vomiting everywhere. 

Reflux products which can be supportive in reducing issues.