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Natural ideas, options and diet recommendations

The Natural Approach

Many Natural practitioners believe that with a bit of careful observation reflux can be prevented and at the least reduced to a bit of minimal spilling that causes no pain.
Natural Practitioners take in to consideration a number of factors:

  • the birth history and type of birth process.
  • diagnose any tightness that may have been caused around the diaphragm muscles.
  • take into consideration feeding practises e.g type, volume and frequency of feeds.
  • the position a baby is put in after a feed can help reduce the spilling. I have found some babies benefit from Spilldrops 

Natural ideas centre around observing your baby and looking for signs of reflux and then assessing what makes a difference to help and prevent it reoccurring.

Holistic Approach

Patience and Understanding

Do you remember your Heartburn when you were pregnant? If you suffered Heartburn in pregnancy you will remember what it felt like especially if you burped or laid flat after a meal.That is what reflux is and most babies become uncomfortable and cry to let you know they are not happy.


If a baby is feed very frequently and the stomach is not allowed to digest fully before the next feed this can sometimes cause the baby to spill. Or if the baby is feeding very fast due to a fast flow of milk this can cause a problem for some babies.


If advised to feed frequently ensure the feeds have less volume so that the babies small stomach has time to digest the milk before the next feed.
Change your baby's nappy prior to feeding so that your baby will not need to be laid flat after a feed.
If Breastfeeding: The old trick of leaning back whilst you are feeding (to help slow down the flow of milk)  as well as trying to have your baby in a more upright position whilst feeding can sometimes reduce spilling and discomfort for some babies. Some Mothers also find only offering one breast at each feeding time gives the baby lots of calories but not so much volume.
If Bottle Feeding: Make sure you have the right sized teat and sit your baby up into a more upright position while feeding.
After feeding keep your baby upright for at least 15 Minutes to allow the milk to settle in the stomach and to stop it coming back up into the mouth.


If your baby has wind this can quite often be the cause of reflux. You could try ColiCalm, which has been shown to benefit some babies.
If you sort out the wind then the reflux problem disappears.The wind creates a force behind the milk and then you baby has a back flow of contents from the stomach up to and on occasion out of the mouth. Find some advice around diet which may assist in managing wind using the Diet Sheet


Babies who are tired are less likely to feed and digest their food well.

Birth Issues

Babies who have had a difficult birth like a fast delivery, long labour, forceps or ventouse, antibiotics, posterior positions and then C/section often benefit from being assessed by a Osteopath to help release tensions which can result in the baby having issues with reflux.


Sometimes babies who have reflux need massage because they can be quite irritable. Massage them in a more upright position as they generally do not like lying flat on their back as this makes them spill or vomit. Only massage the areas they like such as their legs, feet, arms, shoulders and avoid their stomach area.
Use a relaxing massage oil.


Keep the baby fairly still after feeding to help the milk digest, this often means changing the nappy before feeding not after.


Bathing a baby in a TummyTub is wonderful for a baby who is spilly. They are able to stay upright and often become so relaxed they fall asleep in the tub.