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Cathy will support you to birth with confidence during any type of birth experience you are planning.

Our  focus around the birth is always about getting the balance right. Most Mothers and Fathers want to have a natural birth but then doubts and fears slowly start. Some start off thinking that maybe a medical birth would be easier and less effort and will prevent any problems. These are normal thought patterns when we are pregnant especially if it is our first time.
I believe that when you go into the birth  you must feel confident that the experience will be amazing regardless if it ends up being a natural or medical birth.
The end result of birth is your baby and their life beginning outside of the womb. The only way to do this is let go of trying to control it, calm down and let the experience unfold.

I believe birth is the end of one phase and the beginning of a new phase.

I believe that Birth is a natural process after a healthy pregnancy and that medical intervention should only be used when it has positive benefits for the Mother and her baby.

Do you need a One on One? 

If you would like a "One on One" session prior to birth for a pre and post birth positive planning session? To book


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