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Preventing perineum trauma and sutures


  • From 34 weeks pregnancy start perineal massage. This means massage the skin between your vagina and anus. You can use Weleda Perineum massage oil 
  • Wash hands and put your thumb into your vagina not near where you pass urine. You might need to get your partner to help if you cannot reach. If you tighten your pelvic floor you will feel your vagina tighten then relax your pelvic floor muscle area down there. When relaxed Gently do some massage sweeping each side of the vagina about 10 x then once relaxed pushing down towards your perineum. Try and gently hold the stretch for the count of 10.
  • Avoid labour and birth interventions
  • Spontaneous non - directed pushing whenever possible
  • Hands and knees position, standing or side lying to give birth.
  • Warm water as in water birth or warm compresses to perineum when pushing to help stretching.
  • No episiotomy without a medical need.
  • Try an Epi-no

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