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Postnatal Depression

Having a baby gives you so much love, joy, fright, anxiety and mixed emotions that can feel overwhelming.
You often feel like there was no gentle lead in even if you are over joyed, suddenly you can lose so much of who you are and it can feel like 'Groundhog Day'
A mother does not always know immediately or instinctively what her baby needs.
A mother is needing to recover from the birth experience and can struggle to give herself to her baby which is why support is needed for weeks after the birth. 
The Pregnancy may have been stressful and the birth of a baby doesn't always bring happiness.
A mother often takes time to bond with her baby.
Regardless of culture you still need support. 
Fathers, Partners and families often need support to cope with the changes that a new Mother is going through and the challenges of a new baby in the house.