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What is it?

What is Anaemia?

Anaemia is a reduction in the oxygen - carrying capacity of the blood.

As your baby develops inside the Mother it draws on the mothers iron stores. Until the last 6-8 weeks of pregnancy, the baby's iron requirements are comparable to what the mother would normally be loosing through menstruation.
But the mother can become anaemic most likely during the last four to six weeks of pregnancy when the baby is laying down its own iron stores. 
Towards the end of gestation, when the baby is laying down is iron stores, the mother's diet needs to be rich in iron.
The healthy baby does not usually suffer from anaemia unless it is born prematurely.

Physical symptoms of anaemia include:
  • Excessive tiredness and fatigue
  • Pale skin which is not usual for you.
  • Weakness and lack of stamina
  • Shortness of breath even when resting.
  • Heart palpitations
  • Dizzy Spells or fainting especially when standing for long periods or sometimes when sitting.