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What is it?

What is Backache?

It is important to seek advice to find out the cause of your backache as often it can be relieved with a simple diagnosis and treatment.
Pains or aches in the back area can cause pregnant woman and postnatal women to become very irritable and feel generally miserable.

Most common areas of backache
  • Pregnancy backache

Lower backache often develops as the uterus grows larger and the pregnancy hormones soften the ligaments. This change in the woman's body shape affects her centre of gravity and can cause problems with her posture which can put strains on her back area.

  • Postnatal backache

Backache around the upper areas  can be caused by poor posture from breastfeeding or holding your baby incorrectly.
Backache can also be the result of stiff muscles after giving birth or extended periods of time lying in uncomfortable positions whilst in labour.

Is it caused by an infection?

Backache can be a symptom of a kidney or urine infection. Backache can be from retained placental products after giving birth or an infection after birth in your uterus.