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What is it?

Constipation is common during pregnancy.

Possible causes
  • The relaxing effect of the hormone progesterone on the intestine makes the bowel slow down so it doesn't empty as well as before pregnancy.
  • The pressure of the enlarged uterus can slow down the bowel to empty.
  • Lack of exercise during pregnancy can prevent regular bowel movements occurring.
  • Anxiety and stress can cause you to not let your bowel empty efficiently.
  • A diet lacking in fibre and fluid can cause constipation.
  • A diet deficient in iron and folic acid can require you to take supplements. These supplements can cause you to suffer from constipation.

Haemorrhoids painful, burning, annoying.....

Haemorrhoids are varicose veins around the anal area. You are at greater risk of haemorrhoids when pregnant because of weakening muscle tone and more blood going to this area. If you can keep constipation well managed and prevent this then you are less likely to suffer from haemorrhoids.
They may be caused by the foetus crowding against the lower bowel or sometimes happen at birth from pushing your baby out.


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