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Medical tests and treatment

Each time you see your caregiver LMC they will usually ask about any swelling in your hands, face, feet or ankles. They will check your blood pressure and your urine for protein to ensure they are within normal levels for pregnancy. Oedema is less likely to be a concern if it only happens in the evenings.

If you have sudden swelling / oedema or an easy self test is if the impression made by your finger around your ankles remains indented, it is important to contact your caregiver LMC who will monitor your blood pressure and check your urine for protein to ensure you are remaining healthy.

Oedema in your hands can sometimes give you carpal tunnel syndrome. The pregnant woman often will complain of 'Pins and needles' in her fingers and hands. This is usually happens in the morning but can occur at any time of day. It usually disappears with delivery of your baby as the swelling resolves. Treatment is often by referral to a physiotherapist who will recommend wearing a splint at night allowing the hands to rest high on two or three pillows.