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Mother Support Groups. Locations Titirangi, West Harbour & Epsom

Mother's Support Groups

The HolisticBaby Mothers Support Group is a kind and positive place to come to.

Most Mothers are nervous on the first day so..relax, breathe, you can be early, you can be late, your babies can cry, you can breastfeed, you can bottle feed, you can be a bit confused by this new role as a Mother...
​Remember some Mother's might know each other, some Mother's do not know anybody. Rules are always say 'Hello' to the person next to you as it might be the first adult they have spoken to all day.
Tips- Bring a blanket for baby to lie on. Parking usually easy or can occassionally be hard to find so look in the carpark in front of the Community house, or you might get a short walk.
Every group will be able to join their Facebook page so you can easily talk to each other and organize times to meet up out of class.
Cathy is a Mother, Midwife, lactation Consultant, sleep and wind advice and much more
Cathy will share her knowledge with you.
Each group is  led by Cathy McCormick or another HolisticBaby Consultant, who will be a valuable source of advice and support to you during group time. They will all share her knowledge with you.
To book see individual classes, add to cart.

Address, Titirangi Community House is at
the back of the carpark.
500 South Titirangi Rd,
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