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Naissance Natural Health

Naissance Natural Health
Naissance for a new beginning, at Naissance ("Nai-Sonse") we are passionate about working with individuals and their families to become healthy and well, be it general health, fertility, pregnancy, birthing preparation, post natal or family health. 
We will work in collaboration with you, your doctor and other health care providers to provide a comprehensive and supportive treatment plan for you to get the best results possible. 
We combine traditional knowledge with current research to provide you with the most up to date treatment, using nutrition as the foundation and appropriate nutritional supplementation, acupuncture and herbal medicine, depending on what is indicated.

RACHEL WILSON - Acupuncture (TCM), Registered Midwife, Registered Nurse
Her practice incorporates the scientific based knowledge of Western Medicine integrated with Traditional Chinese Medicine and nutritional principles. She has a passion for Women's health especially fertility, pre-conceptual, antenatal health including pre birth acupuncture and menopause.

MARGARET MORRIS - Naturopath, Acupuncturist and Chinese Herbalist
Margaret is passionate about health and wellness and uses food as medicine in conjunction with acupuncture, herbal medicine and nutritional supplements as needed, depending on your individual health needs and issues. She is experienced in treating a wide range of health conditions such as stress, anxiety, sleep problems, digestive issues, pain syndromes and injuries. She has a special interest and years of experience working with couples with all kinds of fertility issues, including IVF and recurrent miscarriage.

Triune Health Centre
183 Jervois Rd (opposite Kelmarna Ave)
Herne Bay
Tel: 09 3601144
Rachel: 027 405 2294
Margaret: 027 369 5375