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Developmental Baby Massage with, West Auckland

Developmental Baby Massage for Mothers or Fathers and their babies.

'Relax the belly, Relax the Baby.'

Mothers can go but the Father gets to do the hands on massage for the Fathers class.
Petra will promote alot of tummy time withe the baby and show the Mothers and Fathers how to introduce new positions to their baby to make it easier to lie on their tummy. Playing time on the tummy is a vital stage in baby development, it will help in the relief of wind, reflux, colic and constipation, promotes a strong back and flexible spines and healthy organs. Tummy time will help the baby breathe deeper, releasing any anxiety around the belly. Developmental baby masssage is preparing the baby for good sitting and standing working towards good health and growth.

This 4 week course for babies 8 weeks and older will create a stronger bond between the baby, Mother and Father allowing them to handle the baby with more ease and confidence. Massaging will stimulate their circulation and digestive systems encouraging muscular co-ordination and strength. It will help your baby to relax and create better sleeping patterns.
Holding, stroking and spending time with your baby is beneficial for both of you.

The classes are held in a way that there is time for feeding, crying and playing with your baby. 

Venue; Titirangi Community House, 500 South Titirangi Rd, Titirangi.

Contact Petra Tip ph 09 817 8079 or