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Vital Chiropractic, Tamara Hume

Discover how the team at Vital Chiropractic can support your family at various stages.


Vibrant Mums & Dads

  • Pre-conception:
    • Many of us forget about the vital role that Dad’s contribute to a healthy baby. Ensuring that both parents bodies are ready for parent hood is the very best gift you can give your child and body
  • During Pregnancy:
    • Your body undergoes a phenomenal amount of changes as it supports the optimal growth and development of your baby in a short period of time.
    • Your brain and nerve system is the lifeline and communication system through which your developing baby perceives and integrates, so it is essential that it is functioning optimally
    • Ensuring correct pelvic position during pregnancy for Mum allows optimal fetal positioning and has shown to contribute to much easier births with far less likelihood of intervention being required during the birth process itself.
  • Post birth and beyond:
    • Birth is an exhilarating, yet often stressful time for both Mum and Dad. Getting checked as soon as possible following the birth of your child will support optimal recovery and bonding with your baby.

Vibrant Babies & Kids

  • Birth is one of the first major stressors that your baby will experience in life. An assessment of your babies cranial and spinal system post birth will support optimal brain and nerve system development as well as promote good feeding and sleeping patterns.
  • Research shows that chiropractic care is very effective at assisting babies who suffer from colic, feeding or sleeping difficulties, ear infections or have difficulty turning their heads through these periods of stress.

Vibrant Families

  • Ensuring an optimal brain-body connection through chiropractic care is an essential component of wellbeing.
  • An optimal nerve supply supports your body in being extraordinary
  • Chiropractic care continues to grow in popularity as many parents choose natural forms of health care to ensure that their families always function at their best.

How can Vital Chiropractic support and prepare your body for Pregnancy, Birth, Babies and Parenthood?

The team at Vital Chiropractic is committed to helping parents create vibrantly healthy families. Ensuring an optimal brain-body connection through chiropractic care is an essential component of wellbeing.


About Us

  • Education and training

Bachelor of Chiropractic from the New Zealand College of Chiropractic
Bachelor of Science (majoring in Human Nutrition) from Otago University

  • Regulation and accountability

Consents and record keeping,
Professional license registered by the New Zealand Chiropractic Board
Member of the New Zealand Chiropractors Association
In September of 2012, I will also be undergoing additional training in care for pregnant women and the developmental assessment and adjusting of both babies and young children

  • Advocacy and rights of clients

We believe that you are designed to be extraordinary, vibrantly healthy and incredibly energetic and that it is our role to assist and empower you and your family to achieve that state of health
We believe in a clients right to be fully informed about their health and care in our practice

  • Areas of specialisation

Babies and Children – it is our belief that ensuring optimal health and development of your baby and child will set them up for the best possible future. As such we have ensured that our knowledge is up to date in these areas.
Additional training in primitive reflex integration, and caring for pregnant women and the developmental assessment and adjusting of both babies and young children
Women’s health, and training in hormonal imbalances and adrenal fatigue issues
Family health, Life By Design certified (For more information see our website or visit
As trained nutritionist and exercise physiologist we also run regular workshops on ‘Eating, Moving and Thinking By Design’ so that we can further empower our practice members to make healthier choices to support the development of their families.

  • Communication skills

We regularly hold workshops both within and outside the practice on various healthy living topics such as: nutrition, healthy lunch box ideas, moving by design, thinking by design, brain development and much more
We are regularly upskilling ourselves to ensure that our communication skills are optimal


Contact Details

Phone: 522 0222
Mobile: 021 278 6094
Address: Level 1, 78 Coates Ave, Orakei, Auckland 1071


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Telephone: 021337949

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409C Manukau Rd

Auckland 1023

New Zealand