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EPI-NO the childbirth and pelvic floor trainer

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EPI•NO is clinically proven to reduce the chances of tearing and episiotomy during delivery by gently exercising and training the perineum, while strengthening the pelvic floor muscles.
EPI•NO training is based on the principle that the human body performs more efficiently when trained for a specific event.

Would you run a marathon or launch onto the ski slopes without first stretching and exercising the muscles you will use?
Natural Childbirth is another physical event. It requires training and preparation of the muscles and tissue to facilitate control, and to avoid the risk of perineal injuries.

Depending on the practice in the country where you live, up to two-thirds of all mothers suffer a spontaneous tear of the perineum or require an episiotomy. The consequence of this perineal damage can be painful, and can result in long-term impairment of your quality of life. Clinically tested and suitable for use from the 37th week of pregnancy, the EPI•NO trainer helps to reduce the risk of perineal tearing and episiotomy during childbirth.

EPI•NO Delphine Plus consists of (1) an anatomically adaptable, inflatable balloon, (2) a hand-pump, with (3) a pressure indicator, (4) an adjustable outlet valve to regulate pressure, connected by (5) a feed tube.
The integrated Biofeedback pressure gauge is to monitor muscle-tone improvement of the pelvic floor muscles.

EPI•NO benefits

  • Convenient Home Use
  • More effective than perineal massage
  • Increases confidence during childbirth
  • Reduces length of second stage labour
  • Reduces the risk of perineal injuries
  • Enhances pelvic floor strength
  • Promotes sexual health

EPI•NO inspiration from Africa

The idea, which led to the development of the EPI·NO, originates from Africa where they gently insert a calabash/ gourd into the vagina to stretch the pelvic floor muscles to facilitate a natural birth and reduce the risk of perineal injury. From this age old African custom – still in use today – the soft inflatable EPI·NO balloon and birth-exercise programme was conceived and developed into a modern-day medical device.

EPI•NO works to maintain the long term health of women of all ages as it helps to restore pelvic floor strength which can prevent and treat incontinence and restore sexual health.

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