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What is it? What do the do?

'HypnoBirthing' also known as  'The Mongan Method'  is taught as a series of 5 classes normally 2-3hrs long.

'The Mongan method' empowers you to be relaxed and look positively towards a natural childbirth without drugs. This is achieved with self-hypnosis techniques.
Most classes are taught with your main support person present so that they know exactly what you will need in labour.

Women and partners have described it to me "It is like we have tuned into ourselves and each other so that when the baby's 'birth day' begins we feel relaxed and ready.

I have also looked after couples who end up with a more medical birth but continue to use the HypnoBirthing skills they learn't through their more medical birth experience. They have managed to stay relaxed, calm and confident in their ability to cope with the unexpected medical experience.

Plus I find mothers and fathers are more relaxed during the early days with a new baby and all the challenges that brings.

Auckland Hypnobirthing

HypnoBirthing is a comprehensive antenatal program, where parents learn practical and empowering techniques for achieving a satisfying, relaxing and stress free birth.
With a focus on releasing fear, parents are able to rediscover birth as being a safe, normal and natural life event to be celebrated.


Womb Time

Thirty years of world-wide clinical research supports the findings that the time in the womb lays the foundation for our physical, mental and emotional well-being.

The first 9 months not only influence organ, tissue and brain development but also how we feel, think, behave and perceive life. It is some of our earliest experiences that get deeply imprinted into our nervous system and profoundly influence us across our life-span.

We know today that every thought and emotion good or bad - has a chemical reaction within our body. Through the placenta these stimuli  are transmitted to the unborn child influencing not only the physiological but also psychological development of the baby. The unborn is aware and never isolated. Womb Time® not only educates expecting parents of these findings but also provides them with simple and effective tools on how to create the best possible environment for their developing baby.

A strong emphasis of the programme is the facilitation of prenatal bonding. Prenatal bonding research began in the 1990’s and we know today that it significantly improves labour and birth outcomes and the well being of the mother, father and baby.

The programme is based on scientific findings from Pre and Perinatal Psychology and Secure Attachment research.


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