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'Womb Time' with Dagi Heider-Fray

Your pregnancy – Your Baby’s Womb Time

Creating the best foundation for your baby’s life, because conscious parenting begins in the womb.
'Womb Time' is a unique prenatal program and was designed to provide parents with some insightful knowledge and practical tools on how to create the best possible environment for their baby’s physical, mental and emotional development.

We know today that every thought and emotion – good or bad - has a physical reaction within our body. Through the placenta these stimuli are transmitted to the unborn child influencing and creating the foundation for your baby’s physiological and psychological life. Conscious parenting begins in the womb and with the additional knowledge you are able to positively influence your baby’s development.

The program is based on scientific research and follows a world wide trend in the importance of “Womb Ecology”.

Find out how :

  • The environment in the womb influences your baby’s physical, mental and emotional development
  • Babies learn in the womb about the environment they will be born into
  • Your womb functions as a “school” for life
  • You can make use of the different development stages of your baby’s sensory organs to create the most wonderful and beneficial environment for your baby
  • You can connect with your baby within in the most magical way, creating a deep bond long before your baby is born.
  • You can communicate with your baby within which will assist you during the birthing process

Benefits of participating in a program such as “Womb Time”:

  • Mothers were more in tune during the birthing process
  • Shorter labour therefore less stress on mother and baby
  • Less traumatic birth for the baby
  • APGAR scores were better
  • Mothers were more in tune with their baby’s need, hence were a more confident parent
  • Babies ate and slept better
  • Babies consistently demonstrated superior motor skills, memory (visual and auditory) and speech development (study went right up to the age of 6)
  • Strong family bond

Contact Details

Address: 52 Westmere Cres, Westmere, Auckland 1022
Phone: 021 250 1884


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