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Osteo-Muscular Therapist, Roberta Meksraityte

Unleash your body's full healing potential

Her work is to help your body unleash its full healing potential. Good pregnancy massage not only feels great, it is also an effective way to relieve

  • Back Ache
  • Tense Neck
  • Sore Hips
  • Stress and Anxiety
  • Muscle Cramps
  • Painful Shoulders

Roberta's practice of massage started several years ago.
Roberta says 'I was happy to have found a skill I could share – a skill that brought joy and wellbeing to others.'
She uses Swedish and relaxation massage techniques. Its fascinating by the great benefits they give my clients. Over time she grew more interested in a holistic approach, one that encompassed the Eastern principle of self-healing.
Your body has a built-in ability to heal itself. It’s just that sometimes our lifestyles mean that stress and tension build up to a point which can inhibit this faculty to heal.
The osteo-muscular therapy Roberta practice's developed from a collaboration between herself and Dr Vitalis. They combined the best of their skills, expertise and knowledge and selected the most effective techniques from Japanese Shiatsu, Chinese Tuina, Swedish massages and acupressure to create this unique holistic result-oriented treatment.

It has been proven that massage whilst pregnant not only reduces stress, but also calms your baby.
Massage in the lead-up to labour will help you to reduce labour pain.

Contact Details

Name: Roberta Meksraityte
Phone: 09 4865111


Cathy's Tip

I have personally had a treatment by Roberta. I feel great even after going once and would like to go back. The most pleasant surprise was that I didn't need to take my clothes off! Which I think is a huge benefit for the changing body of a pregnant woman who may not enjoy removing her clothes in front of a stranger. Also for the postnatal Mother you have such a different perspective of your body image it too can feel daunting removing your clothes.
After the treatment I felt invigorated and pleasantly elated.
Massage during pregnancy especially in the third trimester is very beneficial for back aches, pains and stress.
I think every mother should treat herself to a massage in the first month after her baby is born to remove all the birth stiffness as well as the shoulder strains caused by the early weeks of holding and feeding your baby.