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Cathy McCormick
HolisticBaby Consultant and Owner, Postnatal Midwife

I believe that by creating a Calm Mother, Calm Father and Calm Baby then a positive life as a family can then be embraced, and restoring the balance that suits each families individual needs is achievable.

I am a Mother of 3 children, a Midwife, an Antenatal Class Teacher, and I have facilitated Mothers Support Groups. I have practiced as a Midwife for the past 20yrs and prior to that I was a Comprehensive Nurse working mainly in the Psychiatric field. I also have experience as a Nanny and Maternity nurse to families in Europe. I have experience as an Independent Midwife, as a Postnatal Midwife to Private Obstetricians, as well as a Hospital midwife - and I have a good understanding of MEDICAL PRACTICES. Over the years, I have gained an interest in many NATURAL IDEAS - especially "What solutions are already in your cupboard" and Homoeopathy, Acupuncture, Naturopathy, and Ayurvedic medicine.

I believe that having an HOLISTIC APPROACH and looking at all options available will allow for a confident Mother and Father who can enjoy a Calm and Happy Baby.
Cathy McCormick


Frann Dove

Frann has been a Midwife for 27 years and has been an Independent LMC Midwife for 18 years! She enjoys working within a holistic framework, providing quality midwifery care for the women in the West Auckland community.

She has a very natural and medical approach to birth. She believes if the pregnancy is all going well then leave it alone but if things need medical intervention she will make the appropriate referrals. She when needed uses crystals in her practice during the pregnancy and postnatal periods and has a knowledge of homeopathy.
Very experienced and respected Midwife. If you like someone jovial but matter of fact and straight to the point this is the Midwife for you.

She delivers at Waitakere Hospital only, will do Water Births. She will accept clients who are needing an Elective C/Section.


Gail Kiss

Gail has been a registered Midwife for 20 years. Gail has a strong and experienced history as hospital charge midwife and also as an Independent LMC Midwife. She has 7 children, 5 of whom were born at home. Gail is registered with NZCOM and practices according to the Midwifery codes of practice.

She is passionate about midwifery and empowering women to have safe, wonderful births.
She has knowledge of Aromatherapy and Homeopathy which she uses in her Midwifery practice.
Gail is an excellent communicator and also works with post traumatic stress disorders.

Areas Gail  specializes in
Homebirth and Waterbirths.
She will deliver Vaginal Breech deliveries at Waitakere hosptital.
She will deliver your baby at Home, Birth Care in Parnell, Waitakere Hospital, Helensville birthing unit, and will follow you through to Northshore Hospital if your birth becomes more medical.
Gail also has birthpools to lend for home if you are considering a Waterbirth.
gail kiss

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Telephone: 021337949

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