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Nappy Suggestions

There is always difficult decisions to make like what sort of nappy will my baby wear?
To understand here is an idea of quantity you will need for the average healthy newborn. 

Most newborn babies feed 8-12 x in a 24 hour daily cycle from 2-3 days old until they are 6-8 weeks. The average baby from 2 weeks till 6 months consumes 700mls - 800mls of milk in a 24hour period.This takes into account things like growth spurts. Sometimes they drink less and sometimes they want more. Sometimes they want 700-800mls in 6 - 8 feeds spread over a 24 hour day or 8- 12 feeds spread over a 24 hour day. They are in charge of how much they want.
  • So that means most babies poo and wee 8-12 x in a 24 hour period.
  • Which means most babies need their nappy changed 8-12 x in a 24 hour period.

Changing their nappies with each feed also helps prevent them getting skin issues like nappy rashes, thrush and bacterial infections.

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