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Kim Collard... Osteopath Mt Eden and West Auckland.

Kim Collard..Osteopath Mother Well and West Auckland clinic

Kim Collard (M Ost, BAppSci)
Restore Osteopathy
Mt Eden Clinic @ Motherwell Holistic Health - 09 630 0067
West Auckland Clinic - 021 645 867  

Having a particular interest in the health of young families, Kim has been working primarily with babies and pregnant mothers over the years. She has a strong network of midwives, lactation consultants, baby nurses, naturopaths and doctors who she works with to ensure the best outcome for mums and babies. Kim is caring, gentle and experienced. She has extensive post-graduate osteopathic training in obstetric care, paediatrics and child development, so you can be sure you and your baby are in safe, competent hands.

Osteopathy for Babies
Kim is passionate about helping babies to be more comfortable and settled, feeding well and free from any strains that may have occurred during birth or their time in utero. Sorting out these factors during infancy helps set up the best conditions for lifelong health and wellbeing.
Some of the common reasons people bring their babies for osteopathic treatment include:
- Being unsettled - excessive periods of crying and discomfort
- Breastfeeding, latching and bottle feeding difficulties
- A difficult or traumatic birth, long or short delivery times, forceps vontuse or c section deliveries
- Digestive discomfort - colic, reflux or constipation
- A flat spot on the head, or mis-shapen skull
- A tight neck, favouring turning to one side
- Sleeping issues
- Ear infections

Osteopathy for Mothers
Maintaining a comfortable pregnancy and preparing the body for a straightforward labour and delivery are primary areas of focus at Restore Osteopathy. Treatment can help the pregnant body to adapt to changes and keep the spine, hips, pelvis and rib cage moving well. Gentle visceral techniques are used to ease symptoms of constipation or reflux. Following birth, osteopathic treatment can help the mother's body to re-adjust to it's non-pregnant state by supporting the natural processes of postural and abdominal organ realignment. Osteopaths can also help with neck and shoulder pain related to feeding baby, pelvic floor strengthening, and a safe and gentle return to exercise.

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Osteopathy first sparked Kim’s interest  following the birth of her eldest child 20 years ago, when both she and her daughter benefited greatly from having osteopathic treatment. From that experience she was inspired to pursue a career in osteopathy, and in particular to support new mums and babies. The majority of her professional training has focused on obstetrics and pediatrics, as well as both cranial and biodynamic cranial osteopathy. She has been involved with the organisation of many osteopathic courses covering musculo-skeletal and visceral osteopathy.
For Kim, osteopathy has the perfect balance between a firm grounding in science and a respect for the less tangible aspects that contribute to the wellness of an individual. She enjoys working with people of all ages and stages, however the main focus of her practice is mothers, babies and children. She fees very privileged to work with new families at such a special and crucial time of their lives, and loves being involved at each step; from treating the mother during pregnancy,  the new baby, then the child as they grow  and develop. Kim whole-heartedly believes that osteopathic treatment through these various stages sets the individual up for lifelong health and well-being.


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