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Placenta capsules

Benefits and Properties of PlacentaIn Traditional Chinese Medicine, placenta is classed as a very powerful medicinal tonic. It is warm in nature and strengthens most aspects of our nature and our energy. The Chinese texts describe it as the Quintessential food to nourish "Post Heaven Jing" - what we would call one's day to day health and strength derived from good, nutritious food.  Placenta entered the Chinese Materia Medica (Chinese herbal medicine library) in 741 AD.  To date, there are no known clinical trials in the west on ingesting Placenta, but there are over 1300 years of "anecdotal evidence" which is probably good enough for most people to see it's value to human health and well-being.  If you don't want to eat it, please save it and plant it under a tree.  Mother Earth needs all the help she can get right now.

Placenta activates the endocrine glands, mediates and controls bleeding, promotes lactation and prevents post - partum depression.

Placenta has the highest known quantities of bio-available Zinc, which is essential for the health of the brain, the proper functioning of the immune system and for the proper functioning of the Maternal Bonding Instinct. Another mineral that is required for maternal bonding is Manganese, which is also plentiful in human placenta.

Other minerals contained are:

Phosphorous Sodium

There are also several hormones contained in placental tissue, some of which are helpful to brain functioning and overall feelings of well being and others that help with milk production:

Placental Lactogens
B Endorphins
Thyrotropin Releasing Hormone (RH)
Gonadotropin RH
(for exhaustive list, see Harvey Kliman)

Our Service:

If you live in the Metropolitan Auckland area, we can turn your new born baby's placenta into a super food that is  specially created by nature just for you - making your post partum recovery that much easier.  These encapsulated pills act  to vitalise your post natal recovery, stabilise your emotions and make you feel "normal" again; naturally and safely.
Placenta pills help your baby's nutritional needs, passing on the goodness of high potency minerals filtered through your milk.  Traditionally, Placenta has been used to improve the quantity of milk production as well.
Upon receiving your placenta, we dehydrate it, using all the parts you give us, then grind it into powder and encapsulate it so it is easy to for you to take. Results are usually felt within half an hour after ingestion.  An average placenta makes between 250 - 400 pills and the dose is 1 pill three times a day, which will give the average woman a three to four month's supply.
If you have extra pills that you don't feel you need right away, store them in an airtight container in a cupboard or fridge to use another day, they can really help later on down the track if you feel run down or overly emotional again.