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Chantal Hofstee, Clinical Psychologist.

I am a Clinical Psychologist and registered with the New Zealand Psychologists board I have completed my degree with honors in the Netherlands and have worked in the private and corporate field and as a psychologist for the government in both the Netherlands and New Zealand. I am both trained and experienced in diagnostic research, individual, systems and group treatments, supervision, consultation and professional coaching.
I use research based treatment methods* that are proven to significantly improve an individual’s overall wellbeing and the quality of their relationships – as well as their work satisfaction and performance. The insight plus practice focussed approach leads to changes in thinking and feeling, helping a person to make changes that improve the quality of their life long term.
Where needed, I will diagnose, educate and give professional advice. However not me but the client is the expert on his or her life and most of the answers are within themselves. My role is to guide and ask the right questions and help uncover these.
The goal is helping clients understand the roots of their challenges and difficulties, that insight leads to understanding and naturally creates a different perspective. By combining insight and awareness, alternative options and possibilities become more easily accessible and a climate for creating lasting change is created.
In some cases one session can be enough to create the desired change, in other cases this is a long term process. Often six to eight sessions result in significant and lasting change. The hourly rate is $90.
*Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Mindfulness, Motivational Interviewing,
Solution Focused Therapy and Systems Therapy.

Support with Pregnancy and ​Postnatal times.

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