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Natural Rubber Soother/Dummy Ortho Small 0-6 Months
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Natural Rubber Soothers are extremely hygienic because they are molded in one piece. This means there are no joins or cracks in the natural rubber soother where dirt and bacteria can accumulate. The natural rubber soother shield is larger than conventional soother shields, which touches baby’s nose providing closer simulation to breastfeeding. The size of the shield also prevents babies from squeezing the soother into their mouths. It does not leave marks on the baby's face due to the high level of elasticity of natural rubber.

My Advice
  • Try not to use a soother/dummy until feeding is going really well on the breast or bottle and you know babies feeding and hunger ques to ensure they are feeding and gaining weight well.
  • If breastfeeding ensure you have good milk supply as some babies will get the latching techniques between dummy and breast confused then start doing a shallow latch on the breast which can reduce your milk supply or cause sore nipples, blocks ducts or mastitis.
  • Never tie dummy around baby neck as it can cause choking.
  • Never put honey or something sweet on dummy to make baby like it. But you can soak your dummy income breastmilk to make it taste better for baby.

Reasons to give a soother/dummy 
  • Your Milk supply is plentiful and weight gains are normal for baby. But baby wants to keep feeding and gets more wind and reflux, sometimes I find using a dummy can give you a gap to let the digestive processes happen and have rest from processing all the milk.
  • Can be helpful for a baby who needs some sucking practice or struggling to latch due to birth positions or birth delivery methods, this is often combined with waiting to see an Osteopath to check that jaw and tongue movements are functioning to their optimal ability.
  • When baby is struggling to settle to sleep and crying and mum needs a break but the breast is the most natural dummy especially in the first 6 weeks so a baby may not find a dummy comforting.
  • Best to wait till feeding going really well before offering a dummy for settling.


Natural Rubber Soother/Dummy Ortho Small 0-6 Months

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