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taking a holistic
approach to the
wellbeing of babies,
mothers and families

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Midwife/Lactation Consultant/
Happiest Baby Educator 
Cathy McCormick

Trusted advice, products and support for a calm pregnancy, birth and baby making it a positive experience for you and your family

HolisticBaby is a resource and support network for mothers and families that is holistic and focuses on the positive. We believe that by looking at you as an individual we can then help you with any struggles you are having during pregnancy, birth, baby or parenthood.

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calming and relaxing products for baby

Provides support for healthy function of your baby's digestive system.
NZ $35.00
incl GST
Spill Drops
Provides support for stomach function and assists in increasing tolerance to foods.
NZ $35.00
incl GST
Baby Shusher - The Sleep Miracle
The Baby Shusher quickly soothes any fussy baby.
NZ $54.95
incl GST
Sleepytime Drops
Calms the nervous system and regulates sleep habits.
NZ $35.00
incl GST
Snot drops 20mls
Reduces all mucous and catarrh. "runny nose"
NZ $35.00
incl GST
IntestoEase 20mls
A proven formula that promotes healthy bowel function and elimination.
NZ $35.00
incl GST
TeethEase Drops
Helps relieve pain from teething, maintain oral hygiene and aid gum strength and healing.
NZ $35.00
incl GST
 TeethEase Gel 15gm
Supports the health of your baby's gums and emerging teeth.
NZ $19.99
incl GST

calming and relaxing products for mother

Harmony Drops
To support the nervous system of busy mums.
NZ $35.00
incl GST
Stretch Mark Massage Oil
This oil smooths the skin, avoiding the development of stretch marks
NZ $24.50
incl GST
One 2 One Support at Home
NZ $150.00
incl GST
Lactation Drops
increase milk flow in lactating mothers, nourish the milk and reduce wind in the baby.
NZ $34.50
incl GST
Lactation Tonic 200ml
Our tonic is best used when extra support is needed in boosting milk flow.
NZ $65.00
incl GST
QBaby Lactation Tea
Breastfeeding support, enrich your milk and ensure a good supply.
NZ $23.00
incl GST
Sleepytime Drops
Calms the nervous system and regulates sleep habits.
NZ $35.00
incl GST

“Cathy’s vast knowledge, easygoing nature and ability to answer even the silliest questions without making us feel useless, helped us a lot, particularly during those overwhelming first weeks.”

“ The support I received through attending the Mother’s group was invaluable at a very scary and confusing time. I learnt loads and made some wonderful lasting friendships ”

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