About Us

HolisticBaby-Holistic Approach.

Evidenced based help & support to Nuture harmony so you can live a rich and meaningful life with your new baby. 
Antenatal Classes, Midwife, Nurse, Lactation Consultant, Holistic Sleep Coach, Parent Mood Support and we offer One on Ones and Support Groups.

Medical Practices and Natural Ideas lead to our Holistic Approach.
Here at HolisticBaby we believe that by looking at you as an individual we can then help you with any struggles you are having during Pregnancy, Birth, Baby or Parenthood.

Physical Health means anything concerning the body and what it is experiencing. Being physically healthy when we are in the world of birth and parenting keeps us strong and gives us the ability to cope when are energy is tired.

Emotional Health means anything concerning your feelings about a situation you find yourself in. Understanding emotional wellbeing when we are pregnant and when we are parents will help us attach better to our babies.

Spiritual Health means anything concerning your Spirit, Soul, Religion and for others that this experience is really bigger than us. It is not a Physical or an Emotional experience but something we cannot quite control or intellectually reason how we feel about it. Often parents will have a spiritual awakening around the time of their babies being born.

 Our Holistic Approach will work with you as a family to create a calmer experience for you and your baby so you can have an enjoyable life together. 

'When we trust our own instincts we often feel a sense of knowing that we are probably doing it right!" Cathy


Find out about Antenatal Classes.

Breastfeeding support from a qualified Lactation Consultant.