Ear Wax Nurses

The Best Earwax Removal System  


The Ear Wax Nurse in Titirangi operates on Monday and Friday 
at the HolisticBaby Clinic,
Titirangi Wellness Centre,
511 South Titirangi Rd, Auckland.


If you are looking for a gentle and refreshing method to keep your ears clean, welcome to the Ear Wax Nurse. We have the gold standard in ear irrigation, the FDA approved EARIGATOR™ Ear Spa.
The EARIGATOR™ is designed by an Otologist, and uses a gentle stream of water to swirl in your ear canal and efficiently wash the excess ear wax out. The EARIGATOR™ is effective even with impacted ear wax.
The water is kept at your body temperature for a comfortable experience. If the water that is too cold when enters your ear canal, it can cause vertigo. If the water is too hot, it can lead to a thermal injury to the sensitive skin or ear drum.
The pressure of the water flow is also crucial to keep your eardrum safe during the procedure. The EARIGATOR™ has built in safety features which means that the water pressure is well controlled and kept within a safe range for your sensitive ear drum.

About Us
My name is Dianne and I am a registered nurse with 15 years clinical experience working in hospitals and the community. My focus has always been on client comfort and satisfaction.

I am particularly empathetic towards people who are affected by ear wax build-up as I too have had impacted ear wax affecting my hearing and the associated discomfort.

I saw the need for a community focused ear wax removal service in Titirangi. 

Additionally I am aware that many people delay having their ear wax removed as it may be difficult to take time off work to attend services that operate in office hours. I offer extended hours till 7pm to suit clients needing these out of hours appointments at no additional charge.


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