Customer Feedback


"I had the totally random luck of receiving Cathy as my post-birth midwife through my obstetrician. What a stroke of luck it was! As a second-time mom I can confidently say Cathy has dramatically improved my life as a new-born mom. She assisted with improving the painful breastfeeding, but more importantly, has assisted with getting our newborn into a successful night time routine, I am getting 7-8 hours of sleep every night, and have done since our baby was about 4.5 weeks old. With my first baby, I was a wreck from the lack of sleep, and this time around I feel really positive and in control. The sleep guidance Cathy has given me is not strictly regimented, it was advice to help fit baby's sleep with my sleep needs (we go to sleep at the same time together around 10pm) and I don't stress all day long about trying to get my baby to sleep at set times, as I did with my first born. Your advice has truly changed my whole experience and I wish I had met you five years ago with my first born!!!
Tess, Auckland

"I would like to thank you for the course Indi and I attended last term.
As well as learning a lot from the interesting and varied speakers each week, I really appreciated the happy, safe, supportive environment in which I learnt how to be comfortable in public with my baby. This course gave Indi and I confidence and I was then able to offer encouragement to other mum friends with babies that it is OK to leave the house and it is OK if your baby cries when you're out.
Before I was pregnant I did not know much about all things holistic, but since bubby arrived that is definitely the path that interests me. Indi is 4 1/2 months now and very interested in food (and Dad is looking forward to feeding her) so I am going to find out more info other than Plunkets info and get some Slippery Elm.
Thank you, your course is awesome."
Natalie and Indi

"Cathy was our postnatal midwife and we would have been lost without her advice and support! Her vast knowledge, easygoing nature and ability to answer even the silliest questions without making us feel useless, helped us a lot, particularly during those overwhelming first weeks. The most valuable thing Cathy taught us was to trust our instinct. As new parents we were overwhelmed with information, which was sometimes conflicting. It turns out we knew all along what was best for us and our baby, by following our gut instinct!"
Claire & Mark Sanders, Laingholm, Auckland

"The support I received through attending the Mother's group was invaluable at a very scary and confusing time. It was great to have somewhere to go each week with my new baby where I was reassured and encouraged and could completely relax. I learnt loads and made some wonderful lasting friendships. I wholeheartedly recommend this group to any new mother looking for a support network and an enjoyable morning out."
Carolyn, Australia

Cathy was our post-natal midwife following the birth of both my boys. Her warmth, support and advice got me through a very bewildering time, and she encouraged me to come to her classes as I found the idea of going out with a new baby very overwhelming.
I made it to Cathy's class when my first son was seven weeks and I barely missed one until he was nine months old. I looked forward to spending time with other new mums who were going through exactly what I was, I found much of the advice useful and the speakers offered something a bit different from the usual baby book contents. Having Cathy on hand to answer the questions I had from week to week was invaluable.
It was out of this class that I formed a coffee group with four other women who have become close friends. Four years (and many additional babies!) later, it is still going strong and will do for years to come!
Olivia, Waitakere City

"I have attended both of Cathy's classes - antenatal and mothers support group. Both were fantastic. Being first time parents, the antenatal class helped us with what to expect from the birth, understand the process and know what our options were. The mothers support group is my 'time out' each week. I know it is a guaranteed relaxing time away from the house and housework and I get to chat to other mums, bounce off ideas and experiences with them and listen to helpful and interesting speakers."
Trinette, Waitakere City

"I just wanted to say a huge thanks for everything. The classes have been awesome and you have given such good advice. I always have a hard time finding good professional people, and I have actually booked in to see a couple of the speakers about some minor issues, because they seemed to be really understanding as well as professional. I have kept details of other speakers that I will be contacting (such as the numerologist) once money is no longer an issue.
Also, it has been really good just having open discussions with the class.
I think that a list of people/organisations that you personally recommend would be really useful to new mums (naturopaths, lactation consultants (don't even get me started with the ones that I saw!) etc etc.
Thanks! "
Kelly, Auckland.