HolisticBaby FAQ

When to attend Antenatal Class

The best time to attend Antenatal Classes is anywhere between 29 weeks to 37 weeks pregnancy. If you book an evening class then its is 4 weeks long, or weekends are done over 2 x longer days. Please note If you are having twins or more then best to book when you are 28 weeks - 34 weeks as you tend to be more uncomfortable and deliver your babies early.

When should I get support with breastfeeding

Try to get support first from your midwife in the early days. But if you are still struggling after baby is about 1-2 weeks old then it's best to see a Lactation Consultant as we are the experts with feeding. We also cover many things such is Tongue Tie Restriction assessments, other ways to feed a baby if needed while we work towards making breastfeeding work for you and your baby. Advice on protecting your milk supply, using nipple shields, etc

What is a Holistic Sleep Coach?

It is a multi dimensional approach, that uses evidenced based health care that looks at the bigger picture. This holistic approach supports the physical, psychological, emotional and family's wellbeing.

What is The Fussy Baby Network?

"Neuroprotective Developmental Care offers a genuine paradigm shift - we flip much of the popular advice parents receive upside down. The Fussy Baby network has been developed and published over the past 18 years from the latest research in attachment psychology and a new set of powerful psychological strategies supporting parents in undersatnding their baby cues. These infant specialists give you the confidence you need to do what is best for your baby.

What is 'Taking baby home class'?

In these focused 2 hour groups prior to the birth of your baby, we will empower you with information and strategies for parenting your baby in the early days and weeks.Topics such as establishing feeding, learning baby cues and how to care for your baby plus how to support the birthing persons recovery and stay calm as you parent in the early days and weeks.

What is a Lactation Consultant?

We are specialist in feeding your baby, establishing breastfeeding but also other options such as bottle feeding and fussy babies. We can support you on how to start your breastfeeding / feeding journey or you may have had struggles with breastfeeding in the past and would like some support and planning prior to your baby being born.We can also do Tongue Tie assessments and referrals.

Does my baby have a sleep problem?

Quite possibly NO. Infants are designed to wake often but if you have concerns please contact us for guidance.

We understand that the Pregnancy, Birth, Baby and Parenting journey can be a confusing and often overwhelming time especially if this is your first time. Please have a look at FAQ topics and your question may be answered there or contact us if you have any other questions about our services email. order@holisticbaby.co.nz