Restoring Harmony

and Supporting Families

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Join HolisticBaby.

HolisticBaby is a resource and support network which will help you through this often confusing time. With kind positive advice and support from HolisticBaby we will help to restore harmony and balance in your life with a baby. 


Kind Positive Tips

"When we trust our own instincts we often feel a sense of knowing that we are probably doing it right."



About Us

HolisticBaby  Cathy McCormick.

Cathy believes that by creating a Calm Mother, Calm Father and a Calm Baby then a positive life as a family can be embraced.

HolisticBaby helps to restore the balance that suits each individual family. HolisticBaby will show you how this is easily achievable. Cathy has over the years gained an interest in many MEDICAL Practices and NATURAL ideas.

Cathy believes having a HOLISTIC APPROACH and looking at all options available then a Calm baby will be enjoyed by a Confident Mother and Father as they move into the world of Parenthood.

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