HolisticBaby Mothers Support Group, Mt Eden.

HolisticBaby Mothers Support Group is a kind and positive place to come to:

Mother - Well Clinic, 
820 Mt Eden Rd, 
Mt Eden.
Tuesday's Time 11am - 12.30am.

Facilitated by Cathy McCormick who is a Midwife, Nurse, Lactation consultant and NDC  Practitioner with Fussy Baby Network.

Evidenced based help to support you to attune with your unique baby.

We will support you to build your confidence and
remove the guilt about how you sleep or feed or care for your baby!
Come and receive non-judgemental support as you explore what you believe is right for your emotional needs, and importantly, those of your unique little baby.

Stay socially connected with other Mums and babies. 
Most Mothers are nervous so..relax, breathe. Your babies can cry, you can breastfeed, you can bottle feed, you can be a bit confused by this new role as a Mother...
​Remember some Mother's might know each other, some Mother's do not know anybody. 
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